How to kill a Roblox character with kill

How to kill a Roblox character with kill

Mar 30 2021, 5:22 AM PST


You want to kill a specified player.


Set the Humanoid’s Health property to 0.

Workspace.Player.Humanoid.Health = 0


In this recipe we go into the Workspace directory again (remember this is where all rendered parts appear). Then we index Player from this directory. This will contain all pieces which make up your in game character (assuming your character is named “Player”, if I were to kill myself I would replace “Player” with “Camoy”). Notice that your character is made up of many parts, this is the directory which contains all those pieces. One of these pieces is called the Humanoid. The Humanoid has an Health and a WalkSpeed property, and has many events relating to the character.

The Humanoid has a Health property which can be set to 0 (meaning no more health). This in- turn will kill the player. There is a whole variety of ways to kill characters, removing your head, breaking the joints that hold your character together, removing your torso, etc. This is just one example.

  • mechanic
  • humanoid