Building Your First Game

The road to making your dream game starts here! Develop your first game on Roblox with our simple, step-by-step tutorial.

Studio Quick Reference

Get up to speed with the Roblox Studio interface and development workflow.

Development Topics

Learn the essentials of developing and publishing games on the Roblox platform.
articles/games and places|Games and Places
articles/game assets|Game Assets in Roblox
articles/cross platform development|Cross-Platform Development
articles/Group Games|Collaborative Development
articles/designing for multiplayer|Designing for Multiplayer
articles/developer economics|Developer Economics
Get acquainted with Lua, the simple scripting language used by Roblox.
articles/Roblox Client Server Model|Local vs. Server Scripts
articles/Remote Functions and Events|Remote Functions and Events
articles/lua csharp comparison|Lua / C# Comparison
Master the building blocks of your game's environment.
articles/Intro To Terrain|Environments and Terrain Tools
articles/textures and decals|Textures and Decals
articles/Mesh Parts|Importing Meshes and Models
articles/3D Modeling with Parts|Solid Modeling
Learn how to control the camera, customize player controls, and detect user input.
articles/customizing the camera|Customizing the Camera
articles/customizing game controls|Customizing Game Controls
articles/introduction to input|Intro to Player Input
articles/Camera manipulation|Camera Manipulation
articles/Gamepad Input|Gamepad Input
Explore common game design elements and learn how to implement them in Roblox.
articles/Events|Handling Events
articles/Health Pickups|Health Pickups
articles/Teleporting Between Places|Teleporting Between Places
articles/Player Spawns and Teams|Player Spawns and Teams
articles/Raycasting|Intro to Raycasting
Learn how to construct and control physical objects in the game world.
articles/Constraints|Attachments and Constraints
articles/Understanding CFrame|Understanding CFrames
articles/positioning objects|Positioning Objects
articles/detecting collisions|Detecting Collisions
articles/Collision Filtering|Collision Filtering
articles/Network Ownership|Network Ownership
Tie your game together with interactive, stylish GUI elements.
articles/Intro to GUIs|Intro to GUIs
articles/Creating GUI Buttons|Creating GUI Buttons
articles/cross platform development|Cross-Platform Development
articles/GUI Animations|GUI Animations
articles/Creating Surface GUI|Surface GUIs
articles/animating text|Animating Text
Discover how built-in Roblox services can accelerate game development.
articles/Data store|Data Stores – Persistent Storage
articles/Introduction to Localization on Roblox|Introduction to Localization
articles/Developer Products In Game Purchases|Developer Products – In‑Game Purchases
articles/Game Passes One Time Purchases|Game Passes – One‑Time Purchases
Take your game to the next level with audio and visual effects.
articles/sounds and music|Sounds and Music
articles/Particle Emitters|Particle Emitters
articles/atmosphere|Atmosphere Controls
articles/post processing effects|Post-Processing Effects
articles/Smoke and Fire with Beams|Intro to Beams
Bring your characters and interface to life with custom animations.
articles/using animations in games|Using Animations in Games
articles/using animation editor|Using the Animation Editor
articles/GUI Animations|GUI Animations