Custom Particle Effects
Part 3 - Finishing Touches
Custom Particle Effects
Part 3 - Finishing Touches


For a final touch, you can make the smoke drift away from the volcano, as if the wind were blowing it away.

The Acceleration property determines how the speed of particles changes over time, measured on the X, Y and Z axes.

  • Set the Acceleration property of the emitter to 2, 2, 0 to achieve a drifting effect.

Acceleration vs Speed

Acceleration is the force applied to particles after they have been emitted, while Speed is the initial emission speed.

Understanding how these properties can work together is the key to achieving many effects — for instance, you could simulate water drops falling from a surface to the ground by setting Speed to 0 and Y acceleration to a negative value.

Thicker Smoke

If the acceleration change has spread the smoke particles out too much, you can increase the Rate property to thicken it back up again. A rate of 40 works nicely here.

  • Set the emitter’s Rate property to 40.

Your volcano smoke is now complete! With just a few simple changes, your emitter is producing a realistic, immersive smoke effect.

For a complete list of emitter properties you can use to tweak your effects, see the ParticleEmitter API page. If you’re working with the example world, look for other spots that could benefit from particle effects.

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