Custom Particle Effects
Part 1 - Getting Started
Custom Particle Effects
Part 1 - Getting Started

Time to look at a more complex example of particle effects. You’ll be making a multicolored plume of smoke pouring out of an active volcano.

Starter Project

First up, you’ll need something like a volcano you can use for the effect. The Treasure Island example world pictured in this course includes a volcano - you can open it in Studio by clicking Edit as shown.

A volcano with an orange neon part will be used to emit particles. This part is called CenterLava and is parented to the workspace.

  1. Locate and select the CenterLava part in the workspace.

  2. Insert a ParticleEmitter onto the part.

Particle Texture

A ParticleEmitter has a property called Texture that determines the image which will be repeated in the effect. If you want to use your own image, you’ll need to upload it to Roblox and get the Asset ID to paste into that property. Check out the Applying Surface Images course to learn how.

Designing Particle Textures

If you want to make your own texture using image editing software, consider these best practices:

  • Make your image grayscale. This allows you full control over the final color of the particle with the Color property.
  • Ensure the background is transparent.
  • Blur the edges of your image to get a more polished, continuous effect.

For a smoke effect, a circle with faded edges works well. A pre-made example of this is provided below.

  • Change the emitter’s Texture property to rbxassetid://3845808160.

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