Basic Particle Effects
Part 2 - Particle Properties
Basic Particle Effects
Part 2 - Particle Properties


The first thing to change is the emitter color — gold would be a much more appropriate color for a sparkle effect.

  • Change the Color property to 255, 200, 50.

Particles with new gold color

Particle Color property


By default, the particles last for 5 to 10 seconds, which is too long for sparkles. You can change this using the Lifetime property.

Lifetime can have either a single value or a Min and a Max value, with particles lasting for a random amount of time in seconds between the two values.

  • Change the Lifetime property of the emitter to 0.5, 1 to shorten the duration of the particles.

Particles with shorter Lifetime

Particle Lifetime property


The Rate property specifies how many particles are emitted per second. The default value is 20 which is fairly high for a sparkle effect.

  • Change the Rate property of the emitter to 7.

Particles with lower Rate

Particle Rate property


The Speed property determines how fast a particle will travel in studs per second. It can be either a single value or a range of values.

A sparkle effect should be nice and slow — a range of 2 to 3 seconds works nicely.

  • Change the Speed property to 2, 3.

    Particle Speed property


The particles are currently emitting straight up from the part. To get an even spread of particles in all directions, change the SpreadAngle property.

SpreadAngle has an X and a Y value which determine the range of angles that a particle can be emitted. This is calculated from both sides around the axes. A value of 180, 0 would emit particles in a flat circle across the X axis; a value of 180, 180 would emit particles in every direction around the part.

  • Change the SpreadAngle property of the emitter to 180, 180.

Particles with wider spread angle

Particle SpreadAngle property

Additional Properties

To further improve the sparkle effect, try the following property values.

Property Value
Size 0.3
LightEmission 1
Transparency 0.5
Drag 1.5

With that, your sparkling part is complete. You can try complementing the sparkling effect with a gentle glow by adding a PointLight to the part, as shown at the start of the course — check out the Light Sources and Casting course to learn more about light objects.

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