Special Sorts

Special Sorts

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Sorts are collections of experiences that visitors see when they browse Roblox, helping them find what they’re looking for.

While some sorts are generated automatically, others are nominated and curated by the community. This article outlines how to qualify and how to nominate an experience to be featured.

Learn & Explore

The Learn & Explore sort highlights experiences that let people learn in an engaging way.


  • Content is primarily educational.
  • Has a "like" ratio above 50%.
  • Maintains at least one week of 15 concurrent visitors.

Apply for “Learn & Explore”

Visit Together

The Visit Together sort showcases experiences where visitors engage in activities they would do in their daily lives, no matter how far apart they are.


  • Contains activities people would do in their daily lives — hanging out at a cafe, shopping at a mall, hiking through the woods together, etc.
  • articles/Creating a VIP Server on Roblox|Private Servers enabled and set to free.
  • Has a "like" ratio above 50%.
  • Maintains at least one week of 50 concurrent visitors.

Apply for “Visit Together”

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, the experience should have a consistent/active visitor base and be well-liked by the community. Please refer to the criteria above for each sort's requirements.

You'll receive a direct message on the Developer Forum if the experience has been approved. This usually happens within 2 weeks of the submission, but it may take up to 4 weeks if submission volume is high.

No, but please wait at least 2 weeks before re-submitting. If you haven't received a decision after 2+ weeks, you're free to apply again — however, you should review the criteria carefully and make sure the submission applies. For example, if you're submitting for the Visit Together sort but the experience doesn't support free articles/Creating a VIP Server on Roblox|Private Servers, the application will be rejected.

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