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Protecting Your Creations

Protecting Your Creations

Oct 09 2019, 11:08 AM PST

On the Roblox platform, game developers own what they create. The legal term for artistic works, inventions, and designs is Intellectual Property (IP). For Roblox developers, this can include game characters, dialogue, images, music, brand names, logos, or specific references to established products or services.

Respecting IP

Roblox respects the IP rights of others and expects developers to do the same. Remember these important points:

  • Using copyrighted or trademarked IP without proper permission is a serious matter. Doing so may affect your right to develop Roblox games or may even subject you to legal liability.
  • Roblox follows the DMCA which allows IP rights holders to submit “takedown notices” for specific content. In response to these notices, Roblox may remove or disable games and other content identified as infringing.
  • Following copyright and trademark laws is your responsibility as a developer. Do not use other people’s IP in your games unless you have permission or your use falls within “fair use” (parodies, commentary, and other “transformative” uses of copyrighted content).

Protecting Your IP

While Roblox allows for easy sharing or collaborating, many developers prefer to protect their game assets by making sure the Allow Copying setting for game places, models, decals, and audio is off.

Game Places

If Allow Copying is enabled for a Articles/Place|place, everything within it can be copied and used by anyone else. This setting can be found as follows:

  1. From Places on the Create page, select Configure Place from the right-side pull down menu.
  1. On the configuration page, select Permissions in the left column.
  1. Toward the bottom of the page, make sure that Allow Copying is disabled.
  1. Click the Save button to register the change.

Models, Audio, Decals

Assets like models and audio files also allow copying. You can prevent this as follows:

  1. On the Create page, select the asset type in the center-left column, for example Models or Audio.
  1. Select Configure from the item’s right-side pull down menu.
  1. Toward the bottom of the page, make sure that Allow Copying is disabled.
  1. Click the Save button to register the change.

Safety in Group Games

Many Roblox developers Articles/Group Games|join groups of other developers, sharing their talents to build incredible games. If you’re creating a Roblox game with others, remember that group members with the “Create and edit group games” permission can change the Allow Copying setting for a creation.

Safety and IP protection in group games can be improved by following a few simple tips:

  • Group Owners — Make sure that members have the correct permissions. If you recruit somebody to simply promote your game on social media, they probably should not have permission to “Create and edit group games.” See Articles/Group Games to learn more about permissions.

  • Group Members — Ask the group owner to assign all members to their proper role on the team. Also make sure that Allow Copying is disabled for a place before you add any sensitive IP to it.

You own the work you create. By making sure that Allow Copying is off, and that group game memberships are properly managed, your creations will be safer from unwanted copying.