Premium Payouts

Premium Payouts

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Premium Payouts allow you to earn Robux based on how engaging your game is. Premium player playtime is being used as a proxy metric to determine how much time is spent in your game and calculate payouts based on that. You don’t need to do anything to enroll in Premium Payouts; they happen automatically and are in addition to earnings from articles/Game Passes One Time Purchases|Game Passes, articles/Developer Products In Game Purchases|Developer Products, etc.

Encouraging Premium Membership

The more engaging your game is for players, and by extension, Premium players, the more you can earn from Premium payouts. Within the game, you can incorporate the Premium purchase modal to make it easy for non-Premium players to upgrade.

Premium Purchase — Best Practices

When implementing Premium purchasing, strongly consider the following:

Avoid Paywalls

Do not present the modal as a "paywall" when players enter the game. This type of aggressive selling irritates most players and some may not return to play your game.

Be Honest and Accurate

To improve buyer confidence and trust, clearly describe the benefits of upgrading, both in-game and in your game's description. Do not promise benefits like Robux or other out-of-game rewards that you do not control.

Avoid Pay-to-Win Upgrades

Do not give Premium members a tactical gameplay advantage over others, such as an array of ultra-powerful weapons that non-Premium players can't compete against.

Accessing Premium Data

To access Premium Payout data, navigate to the main page for a specific place in a game, click the button, and select Developer Stats from the context menu. From the target page, click the Premium tab to reveal various data charts.

Premium Payout

This chart tracks Premium Payouts based on the metrics outlined below.

Premium Playtime Score is based on how much Premium users play your game on any given day. It is a great metric to get immediate feedback on the impact of new in-game features and on time Premium users spend in your game.
Premium Playtime Robux Earned reflects how much you can expect to be paid for Premium user engagement. Note this is not based on daily time spent, but looks back at and aggregates each user's behavior over the past 28 days. As such, it has no direct mathematical relationship with the playtime score, although they have similar trends. Each unit of Premium time spent is rewarded with the same amount of Robux, no matter the size of your game.

Premium Visits

This chart shows how many game visits are from Premium subscribers. It displays Premium Visit Percentage, Premium Visits, and Total Visits.

Scripting for Premium

Checking Membership Level

To test if a user is subscribed to Premium, check their Player/MembershipType|MembershipType property. For instance, the following snippet may be included in a LocalScript to unlock Premium-only shop items. For non-Premium players, you may also trigger the purchase modal to prompt an upgrade.

Premium Purchase Modal

The Premium purchase modal can be used to prompt a player to purchase Premium. The flow can be completed entirely within the game and, if the user completes the purchase, they’ll be granted Premium as well as the corresponding Robux immediately.

This modal is triggered with the MarketplaceService/PromptPremiumPurchase|PromptPremiumPurchase() method. For example, the following code will prompt a user to purchase Premium when their avatar touches the part that its containing Script is attached to, such as a teleporter that allows access to a Premium-only area.

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