Place Management API Reference

Place Management API Reference

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This document describes the request and response payloads that you’ll send and receive to the Place Management API.


Signature / URL
Params versionType:
  • Saved - The place file should be saved, but not published.
  • Published - The place file should be saved and published.
Throttle Limit 10 requests per minute per API Key/IP
Size Limit 100MB
Sample Code
curl  --location --request POST 'https://apis.roblox.com/universes/v1/{universeId}/places/{placeId}/versions?versionType=Published' \
	--header 'x-api-key: abc...' \
	--header 'Content-Type: application/xml' \
	--data-raw ''


Format {"versionNumber":7} -- Indicates the latest version that was saved and/or publishedResponses
Sample Code

Error Codes

If an error occurs, reference the following table for context on how to solve the error:

Error Code Error Message
400 Invalid request / Invalid file content.
401 API key not valid for operation, user does not have authorization.
403 Publish not allowed on place.
404 Place or universe does not exist.
409 Place not part of the universe.
500 Server internal error./ unknown error.