Guaranteed Payout Pool Program Rules for Global Devs (“Program Rules”)

Guaranteed Payout Pool Program Rules for Global Devs (“Program Rules”)

In order to be eligible to participate in this program (“Program”), you must (i) be a user (“Dev”) of the global Roblox platform by having agreed to the Roblox Terms of Use (found [here]) (“Global Terms of Use”) between you and Roblox Corporation (“Roblox”) and all documents referred to therein (together, the “Terms”) and amendments or modifications thereto; (ii) have agreed to these Program Rules with Roblox; (iii) be 18 or older; (iv) have registered as a user of the Chinese version of Roblox, the LuoBuLeSi App (as defined in the Terms) with Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd. (the “China Publisher”); (v) have the power to enter a binding contract with the China Publisher and not be barred from doing so under any applicable law; (vi) have a real-name verified WeChat or QQ account; (vii) have and maintain a Roblox account that is in good standing; and (viii) have applied to participate in this Program [here]. You acknowledge that if you do not complete these steps, you will not be able to participate in this Program and Roblox may disqualify you from participating in this Program at any time even if Roblox has accepted your application.
Nothing in these Program Rules affects your rights and obligations under the Terms. All information you submit to Roblox for the Program shall be subject to Roblox’s privacy policy [here], and you agree that Roblox may share data regarding your personal details (including your bank account information) and your creations for the purposes of this Program.
In order for your application to participate in this Program to be considered for acceptance:

  1. the user generated content (“UGC”) you include as part of your application must be properly localized to simplified Chinese, and be in compliance with the China UGC Requirements (as defined in the Terms) and all other applicable Chinese gaming laws and regulations (as determined in the China Publisher’s sole discretion); and

  2. your use of Roblox products must be in strict compliance with the Terms and all other applicable terms and conditions.

Roblox has the sole discretion to accept or reject any eligible application and may also limit the number of participants in the Program.

If Roblox accepts your application, your UGC will be placed on a waitlist for release on LuoBuLeSi. And, your UGC may require further changes to be compliant with China UGC Requirements and all other applicable Chinese gaming laws and regulations prior to being published on the LuoBuLeSi App.
There is no limit on the number of applications you can submit for this Program. However, only one UGC can be submitted per application. So, if you are submitting more than one UGC for this Program, you will need to submit a separate application for each UGC.
Without limitation to the foregoing, the following will make you ineligible for this Program: scamming, phishing, false advertising or any illegal or unethical activities.
This Program will run for one year beginning February 1, 2021. Throughout the duration of the Program, if you are a Dev who has been accepted into this Program (“Accepted Devs”), you may be eligible to receive a payment (“Program Revenue”) in any month during the term of this Program, depending on your UGC’s contribution to the overall engagement of users on the LuoBuLeSi App (as determined by Roblox at its absolute discretion). Your eligible Program Revenue will be calculated as a portion of an aggregate pool of US$200,000 per month, which will be split between Accepted Devs and developers participating in an equivalent program in China. Because Program Revenue is calculated based on the contribution of your UGC to the overall engagement of users, Roblox makes no representation or warranty that you will receive any Program Revenue. Any payments of Program Revenue are in addition to any Robux that an Accepted Dev may earn in accordance with the Terms, or other forms of payment that an Accepted Dev may receive from Roblox.

Program Revenue will be paid by Roblox within 60 days after the end of the applicable month. Roblox has the right to remove the eligibility of any Dev from the Program at any time for any reason. If any Accepted Dev is removed from the Program at any time, that Accepted Dev will not be entitled to receive any Program Revenue with respect to any UGC during that month, or any future months in which the Program is run.
In order to qualify for a payout, your aggregate earnings from GPP must exceed $15 USD and it must have been determined you have not made an effort to artificially boost your engagement metrics through non-live players. If your earnings from any month of participation does not exceed this amount, these earnings will be carried over to the next month to help you exceed the $15 USD threshold.

Program Revenue amounts are inclusive of any payment processing fees, applicable taxes and surcharges. Roblox will pay any Dev Payments for which you qualify into the bank account you have registered on record for participation in DevEx (as defined in the Terms). If you have not specified an account for DevEx, then you should do so in order to receive Program Revenue. You agree that Roblox may withhold payment of any Program Revenue in connection with any tax withholding obligations that Roblox or its affiliates may have under applicable law, and any tax filing/payment obligations you may have under applicable law. You must provide Roblox with all information or documents requested by Roblox to facilitate such payments or withholding of payments.
If multiple people are involved in the creation of the UGC, Roblox will consider the team leader to be the owner of the work. If a Program Revenue payment needs to be made, Roblox will only pay the team leader. The team leader can allocate any Program Revenue to the team according to any private agreement between the team leader and team members. You agree that Roblox is not obligated to pay any other members other than the team leader. This Program and Program Revenue is based on UGC that qualifies for the Program, not developers. For example, if two team members work together as a team to develop UGC, the total maximum Program Revenue for the UGC is calculated based on the UGC’s contribution to overall engagement of users on the China Game and payment is not split between the two team members.
Roblox has a license to use your name, username and UGC for publicity and marketing purposes, including publicity and marketing of the Program.
Roblox has the sole discretion to alter any of these Program Rules, or to terminate this Program at any time. Roblox has the right but no obligation to waive any provision of these Program Rules. Acceptance into the Program does not guarantee that your UGC will be published on the LuoBuLeSi App.
These Program Rules and your participation with Roblox in the Program will be governed by the laws of the State of California without giving effect to any choice of law rule. Any dispute between you and Roblox arising out of or relating to any aspect of the Program or these Program Rules shall be resolved in accordance with the dispute resolution process stipulated in the Global Terms of Use, which are incorporated herein by reference.