Games and Places

Games and Places

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Roblox games are made up of individual places. The best way to conceptualize a place is like a level in a game. You can draw direct comparisons to Unity’s scenes and Unreal Engine’s maps. Places contain the environment, models, UI, game logic, and everything else that makes up a level. While a game can be made up of many places, each game will have just one starting place that players will load into when they start playing.

Making Games and Places

To make a new game, you first need to create a new place and publish it to the cloud.

  1. Create a new place through FileNew.
  2. Publish it as a new game under FilePublish to Roblox.
  3. Once a game is published to Roblox’s servers, its current places are listed under Places in the Game Explorer window, accessible from the View tab at the top of the screen.

Creating Additional Places

When a game is first created, the starting place is assigned. This is marked by the symbol in the Game Explorer.

To add more places to a game, right-click the Places folder and select Add New Place. Once a new place is created, you can rename it directly within the Game Explorer window. You can also double-click a place to begin editing it in Roblox Studio.

Structure of Projects

Roblox Games

The basic structure of a Roblox game can be found in the Game Explorer. Games consist of a name and unique identifier, as well as other assets that belong to the game like badges, developer products, images, meshes, and packages. To learn more about importing assets, see articles/game assets|Game Assets in Roblox.

Roblox Places

You’ll do most of your work within dedicated places. In Roblox Studio, the Explorer window lets you manage scripts, UI, sounds, the environment, and most other game elements players will interact with.

Advanced Usage

Moving Players Between Places

You can move players to different places within a published game to act as separate levels. Follow the instructions in the articles/Teleporting Between Places|Teleporting Between Places article to learn how to transition between places.

Custom Loading Screens

Alongside the ability to teleport players between places, custom loading screens can also be created for any project. Follow the instructions in the articles/Custom Loading Screens|Custom Loading Screens article to implement this feature.

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