Game Metadata – Best Practices

Game Metadata – Best Practices

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You’ve spent a lot of time creating your game — now you want players to easily find it. The following practices will make your game more discoverable and help increase engagement.

Game Title

Keep it Consistent

Choose a game title and stick with it. If you rename your game often, players will not find it when searching under the previous name.

Car Racing Champ  →  Racing Tycoon  →  Fast Track Racing

Focus on the Title

Generally, the title should be only the title. Decorating it with one or two emojis isn’t harmful, but excessive decorations, updates, or irrelevant terms will confuse players, especially when they are put before the title. This can make it difficult for users to identify your game, and more difficult to search for.

  • Crazy Birds
  • Bike Racing Simulator
  • Time Travel Adventures
  • Car Racing Champ / 5 NEW CARS 🚓🚕🚗🚙🚐 + 4 NEW TRACKS 🚨🚧🚥🚩
  • [ALPHA Release 2B] Racing Tycoon
  • Ev⚉lution
Entire game title can be seen
Game title pushed out by decorations

Avoid Spamming

Do not spam the title with keywords; doing so may result in demotion of your game.


Game Description

Game Summary

Try to summarize what your game is about in the first sentence, as it may be displayed in search to help inform players.

  • Compete with racers around the world in some of the craziest courses you've ever seen!
  • Fight off hordes of zombies with bats, guns, swords, and a bunch of weapons hidden throughout challenging mazes.


Try to include all keywords that may be relevant. For example, if your game is a shooting game titled “Frontier Warfare,” include the term “shooting” in the description.

  • Do you enjoy being a sheriff? Come and rid our town of robbers and crooks! Arrest the bad guys, throw them in jail, and even have a guns-blazing shoot-out outside the saloon.
  • Open your own restaurant, make delicious food, get lots of customers, and expand! You can serve up Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, and more. Earn experience along the way and learn more recipes. If you love cooking and starting your own business, this is your chance to become a tycoon!

Avoid Spamming

Game descriptions should not contain irrelevant words. Spamming may result in demotion of your game.

Play our fun granny obby game. Obby obby obby obby obby obby obby adopt me bloxburg arsenal ninja legends parkour tycoon battle disaster survival super hero simulator run jump gun rpg game pokemon wild west space alien piggy baldi granny murder mystery prison life jail break mario zelda dungeon quest.

Game Icon

Customize It

The articles/Game Icons Tips|game icon is the first thing users see when your game shows up on Roblox and it’s one of the most important factors in getting your game noticed. Make sure to customize it — do not just use a default Roblox game icon.

Customized game icon
Default Roblox icon

Dimensions / Quality

An articles/game settings|uploaded icon should be at least 512×512 pixels so it always shows up in high resolution for players. Users who see low-resolution icons will be less likely to click on your game.

High quality/resolution
Low quality/resolution
Not a square image

Originality / Relevance

Your icon should be unique and original. Using default Roblox icons or taking someone else’s game icon may result in low ranking.

Additionally, the icon should be relevant and give players an idea of what to expect. Users who are misled by what the icon communicates will bounce and not come back.

This icon could be used for a medieval role-playing adventure
This icon would be appropriate for a beautiful ocean theme park game
This icon would be suitable for a camping simulation game

Aspect Ratio

Uploaded icons should be square so that the correct aspect ratio is maintained on Roblox. Users will ignore distorted icons as a sign of low quality.

Correct aspect ratio


Using the right colors for your icon is an easy way to express the core vibe of the game.

Bright, pleasant colors can express a dream-like or fantasy feel
Lower saturation can express a more somber tone
Heavy color balance and contrast can express a horror feel
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