Force Field Material

Force Field Material

The Force Field material can be used to create a variety of special effects, whether it’s a shimmering shield or glowing edges.

Force Field Borders

If parts with the force field material overlap other parts, the overlapped edges are displayed.

Animated Textures

Textures can be applied with the force field to create a variety of effects. Only MeshParts with a custom texture can be animated. When designing a texture, the Red component of that image’s RGB channels determines the overlay displayed. The actual animation movement is randomized and cannot be directly controlled.

Here are some example textures and resulting force fields:

RGB Texture Red Component Animation

Vertex Painting

By changing a mesh’s vertex alpha outlines in a 3D modeling application, you can modify the border of the force field. The opacity is controlled with the alpha channel of the vertex color. 1 is no forced color and 0 is fully forced color.

Additionally, vertex color tinting can be used to affect color displayed on the force field.