Developer Economics

Developer Economics

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On Roblox, you get everything necessary to build, publish, and operate at scale.

Cost-effective access to large, growing audience
Hosting with real-time scalability
Platform-wide customer support and moderation for all ages
Cross-platform enabled when you publish your game
Sophisticated physics and simulation engine
Integrated monetization and payment solution
Localization tools

Where Does the Money Go?

When you start developing on the Roblox platform, you pay no fees to use our tools or platform services. You earn revenue when you add monetization in your game and that is earned via our virtual currency Robux. The following chart summarizes the costs breakdown on the Roblox platform.

App Stores & Payment Processing

On Roblox, this percentage accounts for all transactions of real currency into Robux (), the virtual currency of Roblox. This goes directly to Apple (iOS), Google (Android), Microsoft (Xbox), or for processing payments on PC.

Platform Costs

This percentage goes toward Roblox maintaining the servers that all Roblox games are played on. It also goes toward platform wide customer support, user and game moderation, and user acquisition.

Roblox Share

This percentage goes to Roblox for ongoing research and development, investments in the Roblox platform, and services such as our developer programs.

Developer Share

This percentage is the game owner's share after all of the other costs. Developers cash out through our DevEx program.

User Acquisition Costs

A common misconception is that a quick social media campaign and word-of-mouth will attract thousands of players to your game. In truth, most successful games outside the Roblox platform must “acquire” players through expensive advertising — so expensive, in fact, that it can negatively offset all revenue earned by the game.

A unique advantage of the Roblox platform is its inherent social fabric of 90+ million players enjoying more than 1 billion hours of engagement each month. The social connections players create on Roblox make it easier for developers to leverage network effects and achieve viral growth. In fact, 21 of the top 100 games achieved 100% viral growth and more than 50 of these games spent less than 100,000 on advertising.

Roblox players are not only social, but love to explore new experiences. Roblox’s streaming architecture allows players to play millions of unique experiences each month. This helps create an environment where over 100 games see at least 1 million hours of play each month and even more games attract over 1 million players per month.

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