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Creator Marketplace

Creator Marketplace

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The Creator Marketplace is where you can find all assets that are made by Roblox and the Roblox community for the Roblox community to use within their experiences, such as models, images, meshes, plugins, audio, and videos.

You can create and publish models, images, meshes, and plugins to the Creator Marketplace for others to use as long as you are the original creator, and if they adhere to Roblox’s Community Rules and Terms of Use.

Opening Creator Marketplace

To open the Creator Marketplace:

  1. Navigate to the View tab of the menu bar in Studio.
  2. Select Toolbox. The Toolbox window displays with the Marketplace tab open.
The View tab with the Toolbox highlighted. The Toolbox with the Marketplace tab highlighted.

Finding Assets

With millions of assets available, it’s helpful to narrow the search results to find exactly what you are looking for.

To find a specific asset:

  1. In the top-left corner within the Marketplace tab, select the filter dropdown and choose from the following asset filter categories: Models, Images, Meshes, Audio, Videos, and Plugins.
  2. In the top-right corner, select the filter icon. The Creator filter displays.
  3. Enter a specific creator’s username within the Search for users field, then click the Apply button.
  4. In the Search field, type anything you would like to find and select the search icon. The Creator Marketplace curates a selection of assets according to your filters.
The search bar highlighted in the Creator Marketplace.

Adding Assets to Experiences

You can add assets to your experience either within the Marketplace tab of the Toolbox, or within the Asset Manager.

Using the Toolbox

To add assets to your experience through the Marketplace tab of the Toolbox:

  1. Find the asset you want to add to your experience.
  2. Either click the asset or drag-and-drop it from the Toolbox into the viewport.

The asset displays both in the viewport and the Explorer window.

Using the Asset Manager

To add assets to your experience through the Asset Manager:

  1. Navigate to the View tab and select Asset Manager. The Asset Manager window displays.
  2. Navigate through any applicable folders to the asset you would like to add to your experience.
  3. Double-click on the asset.

The asset displays both in the viewport and the Explorer window.

Publishing Assets

Publishing assets to the Creator Marketplace is the only way to make your assets publicly available to all users to use within their own experiences in Studio. You can publish any mesh or image that you have imported through the Asset Manager, or any model or plugin that you have uploaded to your inventory.

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