China UGC Submission Checklist

China UGC Submission Checklist

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“Roblox China,” also known as the LuoBuLeSi application, is a product published by Tencent exclusively in China. This Checklist applies to all UGC (User Generated Content) you submit for publication on Roblox China, and is made part of the Terms of Use. The requirements listed below are generated from the People’s Republic of China’s laws, regulations, guidelines, and public policy, which are provided for general information only. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Roblox, and Roblox makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of any materials and information incorporated thereto and contained on this Checklist.

Roblox will use reasonable efforts to work with you to comply with this Checklist to the best of our ability, however, we do not guarantee that your experience will be made available for China even if your experience complies with every requirement listed below.

This Checklist is subject to change at any time, so please visit this Checklist frequently. Compliance with these requirements does not guarantee that your UGC will be published on Roblox China.


All text should be translated into Simplified Chinese
No Illegal or Criminal Content  
NO names, symbols, signs, flags, slogans, uniforms, gestures, portraits, or any other content depicting criminals or criminal organization
NO content related to gangsters or gang behavior
NO malicious attacks or attacks on police officers
NO encouragement of criminal activities such as robbery, theft, or murder
NO promotion or instructions for suicide, self-harm, etc.
NO content related to making or trading drugs
NO mentioning of names, images, or usage of any drugs
NO content related to alcohol or alcoholism
No Gambling  
NO gambling gameplay
Random Virtual Items  
Random Virtual Item rewards must be obtainable through multiple methods
Random Virtual Item reward metrics must be demonstrated publicly (with player identities anonymized)
Robux cannot be used in purchasing random virtual items
Random Virtual Item / capsule machines need to be marked with the names, properties, and chances of winning for each award e.g. in game, in a DevForum post, or in the experience description
NO bloody and Violent Content  
NO content that involves torture or violence towards players / non-player characters (NPCs)
NO real death animations
NO content that shows bloody open wounds or injuries
NO objects, scenes, or dead bodies that contain realistic blood effects or blood stains
NO red screen flashing effects that mimic blood
NO body parts flying apart or burning
No Profane Content  
NO promotions of profane avatars, clothing, and scenes
NO content describing sexual behavior
NO unreasonable naked clothing
NO humor that discusses sexual behavior or feelings
NO jokes that contain sexual organs
NO content that glorifies pornographic images, props, or scenes
No Scary Content  
NO horrifying and scary avatars or content
NO dead human bodies to remain in experience more than 15 seconds
NO extremely scary skeletons or zombies
NO human screams, crying sounds or any scary sound
No Religious or Superstitious Content  
NO content that promotes cults or superstitions
NO content that desecrates, distorts, or makes fun of any religions or beliefs
No Discrimination Content  
NO foul/bad language
NO incitement to exclude, isolate, or discriminate against individuals or groups
NO content that derides personal intelligence, appearance, traits, etc.
NO abusive content that targets individuals or groups via texts, images, or videos
No Content that Disrespects Chinese History and Traditional Culture  
Quotes pertaining to Chinese history, tradition, culture or literature must be in a neutral manner
Adaptation of Chinese history, tradition, culture, or literature must be moderate and appropriate; no malicious content
NO content that promotes militarism such as Nazis, the Japanese wartime flag, etc.
No Unlicensed IP Content  
NO unauthorized usages of names, trademarks, or logos
NO infringement of copyrights or plagiarism
NO disclosure of personal details/doxing
NO making fun of other peoples' pictures or images
No Overseas Social Media  
NO references to social media sites or offshore services that are prohibited or otherwise blocked in China including: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Discord, and Twitch
NO texts / links / API calls to social media sites or offshore services that are prohibited or otherwise blocked in China
No Political Content  
NO content that relates to any political stand or viewpoint
NO content that harms Chinese national honor and interests
NO content that shows or references a Chinese territory being invaded or famous Chinese buildings destroyed
NO content (names/events/images/likeness/comments) relating to a past or current national leaders or political figures
NO content that damages, defaces, defiles, or insults the Chinese flag, national emblem, Party flag, or Party emblem
NO quotes or comments on major political events
In order for UGC to comply with PRC laws, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau should not be referred to as separate countries
NO reference to real wars between/among countries
No Content that Violates Platform Security  
NO content that hacks Roblox China websites, apps, or networks, or is designed to bypass user access restrictions measures
NO content that distributes viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, or any other malicious data
NO codes that collect Roblox China official or user information
No Content that’s Harmful to Minors Physical or Mental Health  
NO content that mutilates, abuses, or punishes minors
NO content that contains sexual abuse of minors
NO bullying behavior
NO tobacco-related content or depiction of smoking
NO content related to minors drinking alcohol or engaging in alcoholic behavior
NO minors’ marriage, love, or childbirth content
NO encouragement of minors hating and quitting school
NO content that endangers the safety or health of minors