Avatar Inspect Menu

Avatar Inspect Menu

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To view items that are equipped by other players, Roblox offers the avatar Inspect Menu where players can see an item’s details, try it on, mark it as a favorite, and even buy it. Like other in-game commissions, developers earn 10% of each purchase made through the Inspect Menu.

Accessing the Inspect Menu

By default, the Inspect Menu is accessible in three ways:

  • By opening the game’s menu and clicking the View button next to a player in the Players tab.
  • By clicking on a player’s name in the player list (upper-right section of the game view).
  • As an option in the articles/Avatar Context Menu|Avatar Context Menu, an opt-in feature which provides easy player-to-player social interaction.

Additionally, the Inspect Menu can be explicitly opened via API calls as outlined below.

Inspecting In-Game Items

By default, the Inspect Menu shows the same information as the “Currently Wearing” tab of a player’s profile page. This is not necessarily the same as their in-game appearance, since you may have opted to enforce/equip specific avatar items in your game.

To reveal exactly what a player has equipped in game, you can:

  1. Call GuiService/SetInspectMenuEnabled|GuiService:SetInspectMenuEnabled() with a value of false to make the default profile-based Inspect Menu inaccessible.

  2. Call GuiService/InspectPlayerFromHumanoidDescription|GuiService:InspectPlayerFromHumanoidDescription(), providing a HumanoidDescription which represents what the player is wearing, along with the unique player name to inspect.

Inspecting Other Players

The Inspect Menu can also be used to inspect players who aren’t in the current game. This is done through GuiService/InspectPlayerFromUserId|GuiService:InspectPlayerFromUserId() which accepts the Player/UserId|UserId of any player.

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