Audio Asset Privacy

Audio Asset Privacy

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After you upload an audio asset, you have full control over the asset’s privacy on Roblox. Although you are initially the only one who can view and download your private audio assets, the audio privacy system allows you to view and grant permissions to specific experiences to use your assets.

Viewing Permissions

An audio asset's configure page displays every experience and their owner that has permission to use the audio asset. To view permissions on an audio asset's configure page:
  1. Navigate to Roblox.com/develop.
  2. (Optional) If you want to view a group creation's audio asset configure page, in the horizontal navigation, select Group Creations.
  3. In the vertical navigation, select Audio.
  4. To the right of the audio asset you want to view permissions for, click the Gear icon. A pop-up menu displays.
  5. Select Configure. The asset's configure page displays.

Granting Permissions

The asset privacy system in an unpublished place can check if you’re the creator of the audio asset, but it can’t check for audio asset permissions because there isn’t a universe yet. To grant permissions on the Roblox site or within Studio, you must first publish your experience.

Roblox Site

To grant audio asset permissions to an experience on the Roblox site:

  1. Retrieve the universeID of any of your experiences that you want to grant permission to use your audio asset.
    1. Navigate to the Creator Dashboard. Every experience you have created displays.
    2. Right-click on an experience. A pop-up menu displays.
    3. Select Copy Universe ID.
  2. Navigate to the audio asset's configure page.
  3. In the Sharing section, enter the universeID in the Enter Universe IDs field.
Configure page with Enter Universe IDs highlighted.
  1. (Optional) If you want to grant access to multiple experiences at a time, delimit the universeIDs with commas. For example: universeId1, universeId2, universeId3
  2. Click the Provide Access button.


The experience you’re working on in Studio receives permission to use an audio asset when you:

  • Import an audio asset to the Asset Manager.
  • Insert an audio asset from the Inventory, Recent, or Creation tabs of the Toolbox.
  • Insert an audio asset into a Sound object.

When you publish a place to a new experience, a pop-up menu displays to let you grant permission to the new experience to use all private audio assets within that place if you are the asset creator.

On publish asset permission pop-up.

If an audio asset otherwise fails to load for permission reasons, the Output Window displays an error that you can click on to display a pop-up menu that lets you grant permission to your experience to use that audio asset.

Error message asset permission pop-up.
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