Archiving Assets and Games

Archiving Assets and Games

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To maintain a clean working space on the Roblox website and within Studio, you can archive specific content.

Archiving Assets

Certain asset types can be archived from the Create page on the Roblox website. Note that archived assets will not be usable in any Roblox game (they will fail to load and will disappear from the website).

  1. From the Create page, select Decals, Audio, or Meshes.
  2. Locate the asset and select Configure from its drop-down context menu.
  3. On the asset’s configuration page, click the Archive button.

Restoring Archived Assets

To restore an archived asset to the main panel:

  1. For applicable asset categories on the Create page, check the Show Archived checkbox.
  2. Navigate to the asset’s configuration page and click the Restore button.

Archiving Games

In addition to archiving assets, you can archive an entire game and remove it from Studio’s game list.

  1. If any game or place is currently open, close it.
  2. Select My Games or Group Games.
  3. Hover over a game’s icon and click the button (or right-click the icon).
  1. Select Archive from the context menu.

Restoring Archived Games

To restore an archived game to the main panel:

  1. Select the Archive section from the main Studio view.
  1. Hover over the archived game’s icon and click the button (or right-click the icon).
  2. Select Restore from the context menu.
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