Thumbnails and Videos

Thumbnails and Videos

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A game thumbnail can be used to promote a game, showcase game features, or even announce updates. Roblox provides an in-Studio thumbnail system that can be customized to suit the needs of any game.

Uploading Thumbnails

Custom game thumbnails can be uploaded directly from Roblox Studio as follows:

  1. Click the Game Settings button from the Home tab in Studio.
  1. In the Basic Info section of the popup window, scroll down to Screenshots & Videos.
  2. Click an empty slot, indicated by the dotted rectangle.
  1. Select a valid file from your computer and proceed through the upload process.

Linked Videos

Video thumbnails can also be used on a game’s page for mobile and computer users (Roblox on Xbox does not currently support video thumbnails). To use a video for a game thumbnail:

  1. Visit the Create page.
  2. Configure the place, click the Thumbnails tab, and select Video.
  3. Enter the YouTube URL of the video and click Add Video. Once the video has been reviewed by moderation, it will be available for use as a thumbnail.
Free Camera Mode

When capturing in-game screenshots or videos, it may be helpful to enable Free Camera mode. This lets you move the camera around the game world and capture specific views/angles that aren’t otherwise possible.

To enable the free camera from any game where you have server-side developer console access, press Left Shift+P.

Once in free camera mode, use W A S D or U H J K to move the camera around, along with Q / E or Y / I to move down/up. Hold Shift to change the camera movement speed and use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out.

Ordering / Deleting

If multiple thumbnails are uploaded, the player-facing game detail page will cycle through them automatically. You can change the order of this cycle by simply dragging a thumbnail into the desired position in the Game Settings window of Studio.

To delete a thumbnail, hover your mouse over the preview icon and click the “trash” button in the lower-right. Once you confirm the action, the thumbnail will be removed from the queue.

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