Promoting Your Game

Promoting Your Game

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​Roblox offers various tools for promoting your games, including game update announcements, social media links, direct game promotion, and advertisements.

Game Updates

Players who enjoy your game can “follow” it by clicking the Follow button on the game’s detail page. When you announce an update, followers will receive a notification in their Notifications stream. They can even launch the game directly from the notification.

Announcing Updates

You can announce a game update as follows:

  1. From the Create page, select Games.
  2. Click the gear icon for the desired game and select Configure Game from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Game Updates tab from the center-left column on the page.
  4. Type in the latest updates and click Preview to see how it will appear on different platforms (desktop, tablet, or phone).
  5. When you’re satisfied with the update, click Send to announce it to your followers.

Game updates are limited to 60 characters and you can only announce an update once per week. Here are some tips on writing updates:

  • Keep boring technical details to yourself; instead, tell your followers about new and exciting things in the game.
  • Be descriptive with the 60 characters allowed. Announcements like "Bug fixes" are vague and might make players think your game was (or still is) full of bugs.
  • Even if you make updates to your game every week, it might be best to wait 2-3 weeks between each announcement and then mention all of the new highlights since the last update.

Update Statistics

Once you’ve announced an update, you can monitor its statistics in the Game Updates tab on the Configure Game page. This includes:

Stat Description
Date The date and time at which the notification was sent.
Sender The Roblox user who sent the notification.
Message The message sent.
Views Number of Roblox users who have viewed the notification.
Play Rate Percentage of users who play the game by clicking the Play link in the notification.
Unfollow Rate Percentage of users who unfollow the game from the notification. If this percentage is higher than Play Rate, consider making more impactful notifications as described above.

Sponsored Games

Sponsored games let you spend Robux to get your games shown to players across Roblox. You can target users, schedule ads, and set budgets per day.

Sponsored games will appear in various game sorts and will be specially tagged as Sponsored Ad.

To get started with game sponsorship:

  1. Visit the Create page and make sure Games is selected in the left column.
  2. Find the game you’d like to sponsor and click the Sponsor button.
  3. Supply all of the requested info for the sponsored ad and click Preview Your Ad.
  4. On the next page, you’ll see an ad preview and a summary. To start running the ad, click Run.
Sponsored Game Budget

The higher you set the Daily Budget amount, the more likely the sponsored game will appear in sorts. The frequency is based on the bid amount relative to other developers’ bids. For example, imagine that three developers are the only developers bidding in a single day and their bids are as follows:

Developer Daily Budget Result
Developer A 50 This promotion is least likely to appear.
Developer B 100 This promotion will appear twice as often as Developer A's.
Developer C 300 This promotion will run three times as often as Developer B's and six times as often as Developer A's.

Promotion Statistics

To check the performance of a sponsored ad you’ve created:

  1. Access the Create page.
  2. Click the Sponsored Games tab in the left column.
  3. Select the game you sponsored from the pull-down menu.
Basic metrics such as the status and amount spent.
Click to see detailed metrics which can help you gauge the ad's success.
Stat Description
Impressions Every time a user sees your ad, that's one "impression."
Clicks Every time a user clicks on your ad, that's one "click."
CTR "Click Through Rate." Simply, the percentage of people who see your ad and also click on it (clicks / impressions). A high CTR means you're buying clicks inexpensively.
CPC "Cost Per Click."
Spent How much you've spent on the ad so far.
Attributed Plays How many people have played your game after seeing or clicking on the ad.
Conversion Rate Conversions as a percentage of all ad impressions (attributed plays / impressions).
CPP "Cost Per Play."
Click to see options such as Stop (to end the promotion).

Social Media

You can also grow your audience by linking to social media channels directly from a game’s page:

  1. From the Create page, select Games.
  2. Click the gear icon for the desired game and select Configure Game from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Social Links tab from the center-left column on the page.
  4. Add up to three links to social media sites. Once set, players will see the links on the game’s page.

Advertising on Roblox

Yet another avenue for game promotion is image advertisements on the Roblox website. For details on uploading ads and running ad campaigns, see /articles/Advertising|Advertising Games and Items.

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