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A linked list is a type of data structure. Because Articles/Table|tables are dynamic entities, it is easy to implement linked lists in Lua. Each node is represented by a Articles/Table|table and links are simply table fields that contain references to other Articles/Table|tables.

Types of Lists

Basic Singly Linked

Here’s a basic linked list. Each node has two fields, next (Articles/Table|table) and value (Articles/String|string).

Circularly Linked

The circularly linked list is almost identical to the singly linked list, except you include a link from the last node to the first one. Be careful though, as it is possible to accidentally try to traverse it forever once inside a loop.

Here’s a circularly linked list. It’s slightly more complicated.

Doubly Linked List

Here’s a doubly linked list. It is significantly more complicated than the singly linked list.