Health Pickups

Health Pickups

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In this article, we’ll explore collision handling and player stats to create health packs which players can walk over to heal themselves.

Creating the Pack

The health pack itself can be a articles/Mesh Parts|mesh, group of parts (Model), articles/3D Modeling with Parts|solid-modeled object, or even a simple Part. Whatever type you choose:

  1. Anchor the object so players can’t kick it around.
  2. Insert a Script as a direct child of the object (if you’re using a group of parts, insert the script as a child of the health pack’s “case” since we’ll use it for collision detection).

Touch Event

For a basic health pack, any player that touches it should get healed, so the script needs a BasePart/Touched|Touched event. In the function that’s triggered by the event, we need to confirm that whatever touched the health pack is a player character (otherwise the health pack will try to heal anything it comes in contact with). To achieve this, we’ll check if the parent object that touched the health pack contains a Humanoid, a special Instance that’s part of all player characters.

Healing Code

By default, Roblox characters have 100 health, so let’s create a healAmount variable set to 30. We can then use the Humanoid/Health property to add health to the player that touched the pack.


At this point, the BasePart/Touched|Touched event will continue to fire when any part of the character — foot, hand, leg, etc. — touches the health pack, potentially boosting the player’s health by much more than 30. To fix this, first create a cooldown variable, representing how many seconds the health pack’s “cooldown” will last, and canHeal as a boolean for whether the pack can heal:

Now, in the conditional statement that checks for a Humanoid, test whether canHeal is true. If it is, set it to false so the healing code won’t immediately execute again. After the character is healed, wait for the duration of cooldown and then set canHeal back to true:

Finishing Touches

The health pack is now functional but a few additions will make it even better.

Max Health Check

The pack shouldn’t heal characters who are already at full health, so let’s add another condition which checks if the player’s health is below the max amount:

Cooldown Indication

A visual indication during the pack’s cooldown period will inform players that it can’t currently be collected. If your health pack is a single mesh or object (not a group of objects), you can simply increase its BasePart/Transparency|Transparency during the cooldown period and reset it afterwards:

Single-Use Pack

If you don’t want a multi-use health pack — for example, if you want to store the pack in ServerStorage and clone copies to the game world for one-time usage — just remove all of the cooldown logic and add a Instance/Destroy|Destroy() command after the healing code:

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