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Group Games

Group Games

Oct 09 2019, 11:07 AM PST 5 min

The Roblox group games feature allows multiple developers to work on the same game, use the same assets, share profits, and give credit to all contributors.

Creating a New Group

To form a new group, visit the Create page and select Groups from the left column.

Once there, click the large Create button in the center-left column and follow the prompts to create your group.

Editing Roles

As the group owner, you should first establish roles for members in your group. This can be done from a group’s main page via the Group Admin button in the upper-right Controls box.

  1. In the center-left column of the admin page, select the Roles tab.
  1. Once there, note the primary roles of Owner, Admin, and Member (more roles can be created if you wish). Each role can be assigned a Rank value between 0 and 255, where 255 is the highest.
  2. To help keep your group safe and Articles/Protecting Your Creations|protect your group's creations, click the Permissions button for each role and enable only the logical options for that role.

Assigning Roles

Once your basic group roles are configured, you should assign each member to their proper role.

  1. In the center-left column of the admin page, select the Members tab.
  1. Using the drop-down menu below each group member, select a role. This will grant the member the role permissions you configured in the Editing Roles process above.

Creating a Group Game

If you’re the group owner or a member with the “Create and edit group games” permission, you can create a group game as follows:

  1. Open an existing place or start a new place in Studio.
  2. Select FilePublish to Roblox As… to open up the publishing dialog window.
  3. Click on the Group Places tab to show all currently published group places which you’re allowed to edit. If you’re a member of multiple groups, you can select which group you want to publish to with the drop-down menu.
  4. Next, publish the place to a new slot or overwrite an existing place. It’s recommended that you consult with your group before overwriting an existing place!

Revenue Sharing

One of the primary benefits of publishing a group game is the ability to share game revenue quickly and easily. Group owners can pay contributors by either transferring group funds as a one-time payout or by scheduling recurring payouts.

Payouts are managed from the Payouts tab on the group’s admin page.

One-Time Payout

Group owners may distribute a one-time transfer of Robux to a single group member or multiple members. This payout can be either a lump sum or a percentage of the group’s total funds.

  1. Click the Distribute button below One-Time Payout.
  2. Type in or search for a member’s name. When located, click on their icon to include them in the payout. If you want to pay more than one member, repeat this process.
  3. Use the drop-down menu to choose whether the payout is a set amount or a percentage.
  4. Enter the amount of Robux to pay each member in the input box next to their name.
  5. If everything looks correct, press Pay.

Recurring Payout

Group owners can also set up recurring payouts to share profits automatically, as they are earned. Note that recurring transfers may be slightly delayed from the time funds are received until they are distributed to members.

  1. Click the Configure button below Recurring Payout.
  2. Type in or search for a member’s name. When located, click on their icon to include them in the payout. If you want to pay more than one member, repeat this process.
  3. Set the percentage of group funds which should go to each member.
  4. If everything looks correct, press Update.

Safety in Group Games

When creating a Roblox game with others, note that members with the “Create and edit group games” permission can change the Allow Copying setting for a creation. Safety and IP protection in group games can be improved by following a few simple tips:

  • Group Owners — Make sure that members have the correct permissions. If you recruit somebody to simply promote your game on social media, they probably should not have permission to “Create and edit group games.”

  • Group Members — Ask the group owner to assign all members to their proper role on the team. Also make sure that Allow Copying is disabled for a place before you add any sensitive IP to it.

Conflict Resolution

Group ownership of games means developers can more easily collaborate and operate as independent game studios. If a conflict should arise within your group, however, Roblox will not help arbitrate or resolve disagreements. Any technical issues should obviously be reported, but any discord regarding how a group is run or organized must be settled among the group’s members.

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