Designing Game Icons

Designing Game Icons

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Game icons are square images which should quickly convey the meaning and style of your game. The following tips will help you produce eye-catching icons that look great and attract players.

Icon Size

Game icons must be square with maximum dimensions of 512×512 pixels. Uploaded icons will be scaled down to smaller sizes throughout the Roblox site and app. An example is the Games page which displays icons at 150×150 pixels or smaller.


The icon is the first experience many players will have with your game, so it’s a very important marketing tool. Here are a few example icons which have been carefully composed to express a certain vibe:

This icon represents a fun, fast-paced game. The action is nicely framed while more tracks are shown in the background.
This icon represents a slower-paced game in a beautiful, futuristic world which players can explore with their friends.
This icon represents an action-packed superhero game where multiple players can fly around a modern metropolis.
This icon represents a cozy winter home where players can chat, hang out together, and roast marshmallows by the fire.


Using the right colors for your icon is an easy way to express the core vibe of the game.


Highly saturated colors can make a game icon look dream-like, while lower saturation can express a more somber tone.


You should showcase your game icon in its most brilliant, viewable state. Images with low contrast often look “washed out” while images with excessive contrast can look fake and unattractive.

Final Treatment

A treatment or “filtering pass” is a global effect that’s applied to evoke a specific tone. This can drastically change the viewer’s feeling about your game.



Fonts are very important — they can even become part of your game’s identity. Consider these guidelines when selecting a font for icon text:

  • Selecting the correct font for icon text will make the overall composition more appealing to players.
  • All-lowercase fonts are pleasant while ALL-UPPERCASE fonts are more direct and may appear to be “shouted.”
  • A bold font is often used for stronger emphasis and to attract attention.
  • Varying font weights, sizes, and styles are a creative way to enhance game icons.

Discouraged Practices

All developers should avoid the following practices to make sure their game icon follows Roblox’s standards and terms of service.

Copyrighted Logos

To avoid the risk of having the icon removed, do not include Roblox branding or other legally-branded material.

Game Updates

Avoid showing the latest game updates on its icon — reserve this info for the game's detail page or its thumbnail images.

Advertisement Tags

Similar to above, avoid showing sales, specials, or discounts on the game icon. Instead, reserve this info for the game's detail page.

Ambiguous Graphics

Ambiguous graphics are hard to understand. Unless a player has a specific connection to the graphic, they will not know its meaning.

Large Text Slogans

Excessive use of text covers the icon and ruins its graphical nature. It can also seem overly self-promotional and turn players away.

Game Description on Icon

Players are not likely to read a long text description on the game icon. It may also become unreadable when the icon is displayed at smaller sizes.

Have fun with your game icon, follow these best practices, and remember to experiment with different versions to find out what works best!

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