Content Data Types

Content Data Types

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On Roblox, content is a special formatted string that refers to an asset, such as an image, sound, or mesh. For safety reasons, the ContentProvider service prevents links to files not on trusted sites from loading. The following diagram shows how the filter works:

Link gets read
Link gets checked
Pass or error, based on filter
Passed content gets loaded

Content Formats

Content can be formatted in several ways. All formats point to either an online file or a file saved to the client’s computer. The basic structure is a protocol name, followed by ://, then a string which depends on the protocol used.

Protocol String Description
rbxasset A file path Fetches a file from Roblox's content folders.
rbxassetid An existing asset ID Fetches a user-created asset on the Roblox website.
rbxgameasset Folder/category + asset name Fetches an asset uploaded through the Asset Manager.
rbxhttp A path on the Roblox website Fetches content from the Roblox website.
rbxthumb Parameters and values Allows for easy loading of thumbnails.
http / https A website URL Fetches content from a website using a URL.



This points to Roblox’s content folder on the user’s computer.

Here are the content folder locations for supported operating systems:



This points to a user-created asset on the site. For example, the following rbxassetid points to an image created by Roblox:

And this is its URL equivalent:


This points to an asset uploaded through the Asset Manager. It allows access to assets by a user-friendly name instead of ID, so if you upload an image named Potion.png, you can reference it as:

In the above example, “Images” is the category/folder that appears in the Asset Manager, and “Potion” is the asset name, minus its extension.


This is basically shorthand for ContentProvider/BaseUrl. For example:

Will expand to:


This is a content format that allows for easy loading of thumbnails. It works everywhere you’d expect an image content ID to work, for instance ImageLabel/Image or ContentProvider/PreloadAsync|ContentProvider:PreloadAsync().

The format for rbxthumb is as follows:

For example:

Type Supported Sizes
Asset 150×150, 420×420
Avatar 100×100, 352×352, 720×720
AvatarHeadShot 48×48, 60×60, 150×150
BadgeIcon 150×150
BundleThumbnail 150×150, 420×420
GameIcon 50×50, 150×150
GamePass 150×150
GroupIcon 150×150, 420×420
Outfit 150×150, 420×420

http / https

This points to the exact location of something on the internet. It only works on Roblox-approved sites and will raise an error if used otherwise.

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