Building a Campfire

Building a Campfire

5 min

In this tutorial, we will use the Collisions toggle, particles, and a custom light to make a campfire.

Start by building a base for the campfire. Remember, if you want to make parts thin, then you will have to change the increment for Studio tools from 1 Stud to 1/5th Stud.

CampfireBase1.png CampfireBase2.png

We will now add a part to be the first log for our fire. Insert a new Part for the log and make sure it is Anchored.


The log needs to be rotated so it is sticking out of the base at an angle. By default Studio prevents parts from rotating through or moving through other parts. We can disable this by making sure the collisions toggle is off.

CollisionsOn.png CollisionsOff.png

Rotate the log so that it is angled and pointing towards the center of the campfire.

CampfireRotateLog1.png CampfireRotateLog2.png CampfireRotateLog3.png

Make a copy with the log using Duplicate. Notice that with collisions off, the duplicate log is in the exact same position as the first log. Use the Rotate and Move tools to move the duplicated log.


Duplicate the log again and reposition the copy.


Next, we need to add a fire effect. Select the base part under the logs, click on the Model tab, click on the Effects button, and then select Fire.



The default fire might not be big enough to cover all of your logs. To make the fire effect larger, first open the Explorer and Properties windows. Select the Fire from the Workspace (it will be inside of one of your parts). Change the Size property of Fire to a larger value. In this example, 10 was sufficient to cover the logs and a little more.



The fire now looks nice, but it is not illuminating any of the area around it. To create illumination, we will have to add a PointLight. Select the base of the campfire again (the same part that contains the Fire), click on the Model tab, then Effects, and then click on PointLight.



Lastly, lets make the light brighter and glow in a color similar to the Fire. Select the PointLight in the Explorer window. Change the Brightness property to 10, Range to 15, and select an orange for the Color property.



We now have a cheery campfire!

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