Badges – Special Game Awards

Badges – Special Game Awards

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Badges let you create special awards for players who do something exceptional within your game. A badge might be awarded when a player:

  • Collects 100 gold stars.
  • Jumps across a challenging series of platforms over a poison swamp.
  • Finds all 7 keys to unlock the kingdoms of Earth, Air, Lava, Ocean, Light, Shadow, and Dreams.

Creating a Badge

It costs 100 to create a badge. To begin:

  1. Go to the Create page on the Roblox website. Once there, make sure that Games is selected in the left column.
  2. Determine the game you want to create a badge for.
  3. In the settings drop-down menu on the right-hand side, select Create Badge.

Create an Icon

Badge icons should be designed as follows:

  1. In an image editing application, design a circular badge (a template of 512×512 pixels is recommended). The final icon will be trimmed/cropped into a circular image, so you shouldn’t include important details outside the circular boundaries.
  1. Save the badge image in .jpg, .gif, .png, .tga, or .bmp format.

Upload the Badge

The next step in the creation process is uploading the badge.

  1. Back on the Roblox website, click the small button next to Find your image.
  1. Find the badge image on your computer and confirm that you’d like to upload it.
  2. Type in a name and description for the badge. It’s a good idea to describe how the badge can be earned so players have a specific goal to reach for.
  3. Click Preview, review the details for the badge, and purchase when you’re ready. Once the purchase is complete, the badge will appear in the Game Badges section of the game’s main page.

Scripting for Badges

To take full advantage of badges, you’ll need to use scripting. Here are some common examples:

Awarding a Badge

In the following server-side Script, the awardBadge() function can be called whenever it fits your game design. Using properties of the badge fetched via BadgeService/GetBadgeInfoAsync|BadgeService:GetBadgeInfoAsync(), it confirms that the badge can be awarded and does so using BadgeService/AwardBadge|BadgeService:AwardBadge().

Checking Earned Badges

The following script waits for any player to enter the game and checks if they own a specific badge. This is useful for creating a articles/Collision Filtering Team Doors|restricted area or articles/Teleporting Between Places|teleporter that only works if a player owns a special badge.

Getting Badge Info

To simply get info about a badge, use the BadgeService/GetBadgeInfoAsync|BadgeService:GetBadgeInfoAsync() function as illustrated in the following example.

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  • award