Advertising Games and Items

Advertising Games and Items

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Roblox lets you upload image advertisements for games, catalog items, articles/Group Games|groups, etc. When the ad is clicked, it goes to the page of whatever you’re advertising.

Bidding System

Ad space is not directly purchased — instead, space is bid for in an auction format. There’s a limited amount of ad space available, so ads with higher bids get more impressions (displays).

Imagine there are 3 ads in the system (there will often be hundreds):

Ad Bid Amount Result
A 300 The ad will appear three times as often as B and six times as often as C.
B 100 The ad will appear twice as often as C.
C 50

Ad Types

Ads may be displayed as banners, skyscrapers, or rectangles. A banner ad can’t go in a skyscraper slot and vice versa. Thus, expanding on the example above, there are 3 separate auctions running at all times for the different ad sizes.

Type Size Placement
Banner 728×90 On the top or bottom of the Roblox website.
Skyscraper 160×600 On the left or right side of the Roblox website.
Rectangle 300×250 On the right side or bottom of the Roblox website.

Creating Ads

To create an ad, visit the Create page, find the item you want to advertise, click the gear icon on the right, and select Advertise. This will lead to a page where you can get the ad templates and upload ads.

To upload an ad:

  1. Fill in the ad’s name (this will appear when users hover their mouse over the ad).
  2. Drag in or upload the image via the upload section.
  3. Click the Upload button.

Running Ads

Once you’ve created and uploaded at least one ad, you can run an ad cycle.

  1. Return to the Create page and click the User Ads tab.
  2. Click the gear icon on the right and select Run Ad from the context menu.
  3. Enter a bid amount in Robux.
  4. Click Run to start the cycle.
Term Description
Impression Every time a user sees your ad, that's one "impression."
Clicks Every time a user clicks on your ad, that's one "click."
CTR CTR is short for "Click Through Rate." Simply, it's the percentage of people who see your ad and also click on it (clicks/impressions). If everyone who sees your ad clicks on it, you'll have a CTR of 100%. A high CTR means you're buying clicks inexpensively.

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