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Controls the default streaming target radius. Servers will stop sending new parts to players once the search radius has reached the target radius. Defaults to 1024 studs.

What is network streaming?

Streaming is an opt-in feature builders can enable for their places. It’ll allow places to have more BasePart|BaseParts, faster join times, and allow more games to run on less powerful hardware. It does this by allowing games to be played whilst objects are still being downloaded, and removing objects that are no longer needed.

The downside of network streaming is it means the client can no longer rely on specific objects being available. Developers should not enable Workspace/StreamingEnabled unless they understand its implications and have put processes in place to manage them. For example, LocalScript|LocalScripts may have to use Instance/WaitForChild in order to access parts of the game.

What does the streaming radius control?

The target radius property controls how far away from the player’s current position new regions (terrain and instances) will be streamed to the player. Once the search radius reaches the target distance no additional regions will be streamed.

The Workspace/StreamingMinRadius|minimum radius property controls the minimum collected area that will always be sent with high priority. When a player joins or teleports to a new location regions within the minimum radius (critical content) will be sent first with high priority. Target radius should be greater than the minimum radius. If target is less than the minimum then the minimum radius will be used as the target.

While these values are specified in units of studs, internally we search by regions, which are 64 studs to a region. So attempting to set fine stud level control will have no effect since it is effectively quantized to multiples of 64 during the region sweeping.

The search for unsent regions is performed in a rectilinear manner, not spherical as the name radius would imply. When the server is checking for regions in radius ‘r’ it will search from (-r, -r, -r) to (r, r, r).

See also

  • Workspace/StreamingEnabled, controls whether network streaming is enabled for the place or not