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Developers can choose to have players in Workspace/StreamingEnabled|streaming enabled games pause when the Workspace/StreamingMinRadius|minimum radius is not present around the player.

Players can also enter the paused state even when the minimum radius is present when the Player/ReplicationFocus|replication focus has been set away from the player’s Player/Character|character and the character enters a non-streamed region. Care should be taken when streaming pause is used in combination with setting the replication focus away from the player since streaming will occur around the focus, not the character. This can result in a player being paused but never unpausing since the region containing the player will not be sent if it is outside the target radius around the replication focus.

GameplayPaused UI

What is a Streaming Pause

The pause is a client-side physics pause, preventing the player from moving. Only physics for parts that are owned by the player are paused. Networking and scripting is unaffected. Since scripting is not interrupted and scripts can query the Player/GameplayPaused|pause state developers can alter gameplay and/or trigger UI for paused players if desired.

To learn more about network ownership, take a look at this networking article.

CFraming and Streaming Pauses

Client-side DataType/CFrame|CFraming of the player is more likely to cause streaming pause events because the player will be moved before the server has the chance to send regions around the new location. To avoid this server-side CFraming is preferred.

How to Determine if Client-Side Gameplay is Paused

Developers can determine when the pause situation has occurred based on the Player/GameplayPaused property.

Studio Limitation

This property is not scriptable, and therefore cannot be changed once the game has started. For this reason, it is advised it is set in Roblox Studio.

See Also

  • Workspace/StreamingEnabled, controls whether network streaming is enabled for the place or not
  • Workspace/StreamingMinRadius, the minimum distance that parts will be streamed to players with high priority
  • Workspace/StreamingTargetRadius, the maximum distance that parts will be streamed to players