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If Workspace/StreamingEnabled is activated, a game may behave in unintended ways if a player somehow moves into a region of the world that hasn’t been streamed to them. The streaming pause feature helps manage this by pausing the local physical simulation and normal character movement if content within Workspace/StreamingMinRadius|StreamingMinRadius isn’t yet streamed in. Non-physical systems will continue to run (scripts will continue executing, for example) and gameplay will resume after the engine has loaded enough content to minimize further pauses.

To determine the pause status, you can utilize the Player/GameplayPaused property as outlined articles/content streaming#customizing-pause-screen|here.

For a detailed explanation of game content streaming, best practices, and implementation notes, see articles/content streaming|Game Content Streaming.

See Also

  • Workspace/StreamingEnabled which controls whether content streaming is enabled
  • Workspace/StreamingMinRadius
  • Workspace/StreamingTargetRadius