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The Camera object being used by the local player.

How to use CurrentCamera

This property can be set. When it is set, all other Camera objects in the Workspace are destroyed, including the previous CurrentCamera. If this property is set to nil, or the CurrentCamera is otherwise destroyed, a new Camera will be created and assigned. Developers should avoid setting this property to nil or destroying the CurrentCamera however as it can have unintended consequences.

When looking for a client’s Camera object, developers should use this property rather than looking for a child of Workspace named ‘Camera’.

What can be done with CurrentCamera

Accessing a client’s current Camera object brings a range of uses.

  • Manipulating the viewport using the Camera functions
  • Objects parented to the Camera will not replicate to the server, regardless of what Workspace/FilteringEnabled is set to. Prior to Workspace/FilteringEnabled, this was the main way to render BaseParts on one client only.

Below is an example of how this property can be used to access the Camera object and increase its Camera/FieldOfView.

workspace.CurrentCamera.FieldOfView = 100