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This Workspace property determines whether assets created by other uses can be sold in the game.

What are third party sales?

When this value is false, as it is by default, only assets created by the place creator (be it a player or a group) and Roblox can be sold using MarketplaceService.

In most cases, games do not need to sell third party assets. However, some games such as trade hangouts require this feature and therefore it exists as an opt-in option.

What third party products can I sell?

Note, Articles/Developer Products – In-Game Purchases|developer products can only be sold in the game they are associated with, regardless of what AllowThirdPartySales is set to. This property will function for Articles/Game Passes – Abilities and Bonuses|game passes and Articles/How to Make Shirts and Pants for Roblox Characters|clothing however.