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This property determines the transparency of the rendered image. It allows you to change the image transparency without directly modifying the rendered object. A value of 0 is completely opaque, and a value of 1 is completely transparent (invisible). The default transparency is 0.

This property behaves similarly to GuiObject/BackgroundTransparency or BasePart/Transparency except that it is applied to the rendered image.

The image below demonstrates the same ViewportFrame with two different transparency. The first image has a transparency of 0 and the second image has a transparency of 0.5.

ViewportFrame with default 0 transparency
ViewportFrame with 0.5 transparencu

See also

  • articles/ViewportFrame GUI|ViewportFrame-GUI, an article exploring how the ViewportFrame GUI can render 3D objects inside its bounds
  • ViewportFrame/ImageColor3, determines how a rendered image will be colorized
  • ViewportFrame/CurrentCamera, the Camera that is used to render children objects