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This property determines whether the Mouse|Mouse’s icon is visible When true the mouse’s icon is visible, when false it is not.

For example, the code snippet below hides the mouse’s icon.

local userInputService = game:GetService("UserInputService")

userInputService.MouseIconEnabled = false

As UserInputService is client-side only, this property can only be used in a LocalScript.

Code Samples

Hide Mouse During Keyboard Input

This example hides the mouse icon while the player beings using their keyboard, such as to chat or enter text into a TextBox. The mouse icon reappears when the user resumes mouse input.

This uses the UserInputType/LastInputType|LastInputType event to determine when the user begins keyboard input and mouse input - based on the value of the Enum/UserInputType/lastInputType argument.

In order for this example to work as expected, it should be placed in a LocalScript.