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Read only property that shows the current playback Enum/PlaybackState of the Tween. PlaybackState is an Enum type variable with the following possible values.

  • Delayed - The tween is waiting to repeat due to the DelayTime property of the Tween’s DataType/TweenInfo
  • Playing - The tween is playing normally
  • Paused - The tween has been paused
  • Completed - The tween has completed successfully
  • Cancelled - The tween has been cancelled

Code Samples

Tween PlaybackState

In this example a part is rotated by a Tween back and forth several times. The TweenInfo in this case is configured to make the tween repeat twice after the first playback and pause between each playback. A function is connected to when the tween’s PlaybackState changes. When run, this function will fire whenever the tween starts, pauses between playback, and ends.