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The Texture property is the texture to draw on a Trail’s segments. This property sets which image asset to use for the texture. This is set the same way as textures in other objects, such as ImageLabel or ParticleEmitter. The simplest way to set this property is to use an image uploaded to the Game Explorer (this requires the current place to be Published to Roblox).

If a texture is not provided, then just the Trail/Color of the Trail will be used. With a texture, the trail will draw the texture as its attachments move.

A trail with a pawprint texture.

Textures can be displayed in a variety of different ways based on the trail’s Trail/TextureMode and Trail/TextureLength properties.

Code Samples

Creating a Trail With a Pawprint Texture

This example adds a pawprints texture to a trail object. In order for a trail to have a texture, the Texture property must be set to the asset link of a roblox image.

local trail = script.Parent
local textureId = "rbxassetid://909814149"
trail.Texture = textureId