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This property how elastic Attachment|Attachments connected by a TorsionSpringConstraint are when they reach the end of the range specified by TorsionSpringConstraint/MaxAngle|MaxAngle when TorsionSpringConstraint/LimitEnabled|LimitEnabled is true. The value defaults to 0 and can be any floating number within the range [0, 1].

torsionSpring.Restitution = 0

What is restitution

Restitution determines the damping effect that the constraint applies when it reaches its limits.

Imagine you release a ball from some distance and it hits the ground. If the restitution of the surface is 1 then the ball will return to its original height (no energy is damped). If the restitution is 0 the ball will stick to the ground (all the energy is lost). Similarly, automobiles rely on damping for shock absorption as do some “slow-close” doors.

All the values between 0 and 1 will simulate something between these to extreme cases.