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The Grip property stores the Tool|Tool's Grip properties as a single DataType/CFrame|CFrame. This includes the Grip/Up|Up, Grip/Right|Right, Grip/Forward|Forward, and Grip/Pos|Pos properties.

The grip properties are used to position how the player holds the tool.

Unlike the grip properties that it stores, this property is not visible in a tool’s Properties window in Studio. Regardless, it can be set and retrieved using a Script or LocalScript.

Grip properties in Studio's Properties Window

In order to change a tool’s grip properties, you must either use a Script or LocalScript or a Studio plugin such as this one.

Code Samples

Grip Stick

The code below insert’s a Tool named “Stick” into the Players/LocalPlayer|LocalPlayer's BackPack. When the player pressed their left mouse button and activates the tool, the code prints the values of the tool’s grip properties.