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This property determines the color of all the text rendered by a TextLabel|GUI element. This property along with TextLabel/Font, TextLabel/TextSize and TextLabel/TextTransparency will determine the visual properties of text. Text is rendered after the text stroke (TextLabel/TextStrokeColor3).

It’s important that text is easily read by players! Be sure to choose colors with little-to-no saturation, like white, grey, or black. Make sure the color of your text is contrasted by the TextLabel/BackgroundColor3 of the GUI element. If the element has a transparent background, try applying a black TextLabel/TextStrokeColor3 to help contrast the text with the 3D world behind it.

Code Samples

Countdown Text

This code sample makes a TextLabel or TextButton count backwards from 10, setting the text color as it does so.

Game State Text

This code sample mirrors the contents of a StringValue into a TextLabel, updating and setting the color of the text as it changes.

TextBox Secret Word

This code sample creates a password-like interface for a TextBox, giving visual feedback on the player’s input.

Vowel Detector

This code sample, when placed within a TextBox, will turn the text color red if the typed string contains no vowels (A, E, I, O or U).