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.The TextStrokeTransparency property sets the transparency of the stroke, or outline, of rendered text. This property and TextButton/TextStrokeColor3 determine the visual properties of the text stroke.

Text stroke is rendered before normal text and is simply 4 renderings of the same text in +/- 1 pixel offsets in each direction. Text stroke rendering works independently and identically to TextButton/TextColor3 and TextButton/TextTransparency. Since text stroke is simply multiple renderings of the same transparency, this property is essentially multiplicative on itself four times over (e.g. a TextStrokeTransparency of 0.5 appears about the same as TextTransparency of 0.0625, or 0.5^4). Therefore, it’s recommended to set TextStrokeTransparency to a value in the range of 0.75 to 1 for more a more subtle effect.

Code Samples

Text Highlight Oscillation

This code sample oscillates a TextLabel’s TextStrokeTransparency so that it blinks the highlight of a text.

local textLabel = script.Parent

-- How fast the highlight ought to blink
local freq = 2

-- Set to yellow highlight color
textLabel.TextStrokeColor3 = Color3.new(1, 1, 0)

while true do
	-- math.sin oscillates from -1 to 1, so we change the range to 0 to 1:
	local transparency = math.sin(workspace.DistributedGameTime*math.pi*freq)*.5+.5
	textLabel.TextStrokeTransparency = transparency