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The TextColor3 property determines the transparency of all the text rendered by a UI element. This property along with TextBox/Font, TextBox/TextSize and TextBox/TextColor3 will determine the visual properties of text. Text is rendered after the text stroke (TextBox/TextStrokeTransparency).

Fading text in using a numeric for-loop is a fantastic way to draw a player’s attention to text appearing on screen.

-- Count backwards from 1 to 0, decrementing by 0.1
for i = 1, 0, -.1 do
   textLabel.TextTransparency = i

Code Samples

"Kaboom!" Text

This code sample repeatedly tweens a TextLabel’s TextSize from 5 to 100 and fades out the text as it grows in size.

Fading Banner

This code sample creates a fading banner for a TextLabel. It fades text out, chooses a random string (avoiding repetition), and fades back in.