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The mesh that the SpecialMeshobject applies to the BasePart depends on the MeshType property. A number of options are available.

  • Brick - A block shape, equivalent to a BlockMesh
  • Cylinder - A cylinder, identical to a Part with a Part/Shape of ‘Cylinder’
  • FileMesh - A user uploaded Mesh, equivalent to FileMesh that a texture can be applied to using the FileMesh/TextureId property
  • Head - A character head shape
  • Sphere - A sphere shape, similar to a Part with a Part/Shape of ‘Ball’ but can be freely resized on all axis
  • Wedge - A wedge shape, identical to a WedgePart
  • Torso - A block with sloped sides, due to be deprecated

Note, each MeshType will scale differently when using DataModelMesh/Scale, for more information on this please see the page on DataModelMesh/Scale.

Code Samples

Mesh VertexColor

In this code sample a BasePart is instanced with a SpecialMesh. The DataModelMesh/VertexColor property of the SpecialMesh is then animated using TweenService.