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The SparkleColor property determines the color of all the particles emit by a Sparkles object (both existing and future particles). It behaves similarly to ParticleEmitter/Color, except that it is only one color and not a DataType/ColorSequence. Sparkles have a natural color sequence applied which is most apparent when this property is set to white; sparkles very faintly animate between a subtle green and red. Below, you can see two Sparkles objects with differing SparkleColor (the left is default, the right is white).

Two Sparkles objects with differing SparkleColor

It should be noted that sparkles have a partial ParticleEmitter/LightEmission effect, so dark colors tend to render more transparent and white colors look very bright.


This property functions identically to Sparkles/Color.

Code Samples

Give Sparkles

The code sample below gives any new players sparkles that are colored the same as their torso color.