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Sets how fast 3D Sound volume attenuates, or ‘rolls off’.

Note, this property only applies to Sounds whose Sound/RollOffMode property is set to ‘Inverse’ or ‘InverseTapered’. ‘Linear’ and ‘LinearSquare’ Enum/RollOffModes use a different attenuation model which is not influenced by this property. This property also has no impact on 2D sounds (Sounds not parented to a BasePart or Attachment).

The higher the RolloffScale, the more rapidly a 3D sound’s volume will attenuate as the distance between the listener and the sound increases.

By default the roll off scale is set to 1, which simulates the real world.

local SoundService = game:GetService("SoundService")
SoundService.RolloffScale = 1 -- attenuation simulates real world
SoundService.RolloffScale = 2 -- sound attenuates twice as fast as the real world

Developers wishing to learn more about the different settings Roblox’s sound engine uses should consult the FMOD documentation.