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The number of studs to be considered a meter by SoundService when calculating 3D Sound volume attenuation.

By default, the DistanceFactor is 3.33. This means, for the purposes of volume attenuation, a meter is considered 3.33 studs. The greater the DistanceFactor, the more gradually sound will attenuate.

local SoundService = game:GetService("SoundService")
SoundService.DistanceFactor = 1 -- 1 meter = 1 stud
SoundService.DistanceFactor = 10 -- 1 meter = 10 studs

Developers are advised to only change this property if their game uses a different scale. For example, when using larger custom characters, developers may want to reduce the DistanceFactor. In all other cases, Sound settings such as Sound/RollOffMode should be used instead.

Those looking to find out more about how 3D sound in Roblox works, should consult the FMOD documentation.