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Opacity determines the opaqueness of the smoke particles. It must be in the range [0, 1]. This property works inversely in comparison to a part’s BasePart/Transparency or ParticleEmitter’s ParticleEmitter/Transparency: a value of 0 is completely invisible, 1 is completely visible. Below, the left Smoke effect has an Opacity of 0.25 (or, 25%), the center has the default 0.5 (50%), and the right has 1.0 (or 100%).

Smoke with varying opacity levels

It should be noted that the texture that Roblox uses for Smoke particles is partially transparent, so setting this property to 1 will still yield transparency in rendered smoke.

Code Samples

Add Smoke to All Fire

This code sample adds a Smoke object to every Fire object in the Workspace. It does this by using a recursive search.