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Enabled determines whether a button is clickable in general. When this property is false, the button will be greyed out and unclickable, preventing the user from firing the PluginToolbarButton/Click|Click event. Buttons are enabled by default.

Plugins should disable their buttons when the button action isn’t relevant in the current context. For example, a plugin button that assigns random colors to selected should not be enabled when the selection contains no parts. See the code samples for more information.

See also

  • PluginToolbarButton/ClickableWhenViewportHidden|ClickableWhenViewportHidden, which determines whether a button is clickable when the game view is hidden (and not just in general)

Code Samples

BrickColor Randomizer Plugin

This code sample is for a studio Plugin. The plugin creates a PluginToolbarButton which randomizes the BasePart/BrickColor|BrickColor of each selected part using BrickColor.random(). Furthermore, the button is only enabled if at least one part is selected. It does this by detecting changes in the Selection using Selection/SelectionChanged|SelectionChanged.