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The PreferredPlayersInternal Players property is the internal variant of Players/PreferredPlayersInternal, which controls the preferred amount of players for this server.

When someone press the Play-button, Roblox will try to fill all servers up to the amount of given players.
If there is a server that has friends on you in it, Roblox will send you to that server instead.
(Unless the server is completely full)

This system allows developers to have servers more friends-friendly. Normally, when PreferredPlayers ~= MaxPlayers, a server would never fill up, unless a player follows another player, or a player pressing the Play button has one or more friends in that server.

While this property cannot be set through Scripts or LocalScripts in-game, it can be set from the place settings’ Access tab on the site.

Given a server with 8 players where the Player/MaximumPlayers is 10 and the PreferredPlayers is 8, 2 things can happen whenever a player press the Play-button:

  • The player has friends in the server, which makes Roblox send them to that server
  • The player has no friends in it, and will start a new server, as the server is already “filled” up to PreferredPlayers amount.

Code Samples

PreferredPlayers Example

The script below prints a table displaying the Players/MaxPlayers, Players/PreferredPlayers, and the number of players currently on the server.

Maximum Preferred Current
Maximum number of players allowed in the server Preferred number of players in the server Number of players currently in the server