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The DevComputerCameraMode property determines the manner in which a player moves their camera when using a mouse-and-keyboard device device. See Enum/DevComputerCameraMovementMode for a description of each camera control mode available. This property cannot be set using a LocalScript (it must be set on the server using a Script).

The default value of this property is determined by StarterPlayer/DevComputerCameraMovementMode.


  • The word “Computer” in this property name refers to non-UserInputService/TouchEnabled|TouchEnabled, non-UserInputService/GamepadEnabled|GamepadEnabled devices.
  • When set to UserChoice, a player can choose between any control mode (except Scriptable) in the Roblox game settings. In general, it is a good idea to allow players to choose their control mode to maximize accessibility.
  • It is possible to create a custom control scheme by setting this property to Scriptable.
  • This property does not affect players using a touch enabled device. See Player/DevTouchCameraMode instead.

Code Samples

Setting a Player's Camera Movement Mode (Desktop)

The example demonstrates how to set a player’s camera movement mode for players on a computer.

In this example, we set the camera movement mode to Classic via the Enum/DevComputerCameraMovementMode enum. This means that the camera of players on touch enabled devices will track the player but will not automatically rotate if the player walks left or right.

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer

-- Set the player's camera movement mode on computers to classic
player.DevComputerCameraMode = Enum.DevComputerCameraMovementMode.Classic